Car Gets 42 MPG with Hydrogen Fuel Saver Kit - HHO Cell

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-- www.DiscoverHydrogen**** -- Convert your car to use water as fuel with a Hydrogen Generator fuel cell ...
-- www.DiscoverHydrogen**** -- Convert your car to use water as fuel with a Hydrogen Generator fuel cell kit. HHO Generators turn water into Hydroxy Gas which can be used to increase the burn rate of fossil fuels, such as gasoline or diesel. Many users are reporting an average of 30% to 60% increase in gas mileage with a Water Hybrid Fuel Cell. This is NOT FREE ENERGY, its simply fossil fuel enhancement. This technology has proven to cut hydrocarbon emissions in HALF! Some people say it does not work, or its scientifically impossible, but they have never tried it so their opinion is flawed. Everyone who has tried it swears by it, many people are installing these devices for friends and family because they have proven to themselves that it DOES work. You can use water as fuel in any internal combustion engine. This technology is probably the best way to significantly increase your cars gas mileage. Some users have reported MPG gains as high as 150% especially on deisel trucks and older model vehicles with carburated engines. Hydroxy gas is so powerful, it makes gasoline and diesel ignite faster and cleaner. This allows you to adjust your fuel injectors to use less gasoline because A. HHO Gas makes the fuel you are already using more powerful and B. HHO Gas has its own unique energy content...more than just pure hydrogen. Its a bonded gas mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen....hence the term "Hydroxy Gas" Get step by step instructions to convert your car to use water as fuel. These DIY plans will show you how to build a hydrogen generator (hho generator) that is used to run your car on the hydrogen gas extracted from water. We have a list of the best guides to convert or modify a vehicle to save gas using hydroxy gas as fuel. -- www.DiscoverHydrogen**** -- This is a cheap and safe way to increase the fuel economy of your car or truck. Gas prices will not stay low forever. The price of oil will always get higher, its a trend that never goes down. Get instructions how to build your own HHO kit and convert your car into a water hybrid today, and start enjoying the fuel saving benifits of a "do it yourself" Hydrogen Fuel Saver Kit.