I'll Never Stop Loving You (a Nick Jonas Fanfic) Ch.5

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CH.5 Normal POV- They all decided on what they were planning on for the pranking. They all went with the f...
CH.5 Normal POV- They all decided on what they were planning on for the pranking. They all went with the flow of the day like nothing was going to happen, secretly warming up for go time. KEVIN's POV- Okay i think now that the girls went down to visit some of Bries friends that it would be a perfect time to carry out the plan. I went around and gathered my team mates. JOE- Are you sure were going to have enough time? KEVIN- Well we'll have to work fast and someone we'll have to be look out. NICK- Mk i vote Jake is look out. JAKE- how about Joe he seems to come up with kinda stupid excuses that will keep the girls occupied for a while KEVIN- You're right. Joe you're look out *Joe nods his head,* NICK- Alright then let's get to work. We all started husseling our butts while Joe was out in the hall way. He had his cell phone on vibrate. We would text as the signal that we're done. About a half hour later we were just about done setting up -With Joe. Joe's POV- I was waiting for what seemed forever when i saw the girls and Ben walking down the hall way toward me. I still haven't recieved the signal that they are done. Time for the distraction. BRIE- Um Joe why are you out here? Shouldn't you be inside where you can't catch a cold *she was right these halls were jast freezing* JOE- Well i wanted some air. Ya see Kevin sprayed his cologne all over and it can be very overwhelming if you smell to much. BRIE- Um okay *she was looking at me like i was crazy* Well i don't come on let's go inside *she was about to open the door when i grabbed her* JOE- NOOOO..... Um i mean nah thats just stay out here and talk KATIE- Joseph what are you hiding? JOE- Nothing i just want to talk to y'all LESLIE- uh huh right * btw i was standing in front of the door blocking it* BEN- Alright come on joe just let us in *i felt my leg vibrate and casually pulled out my phone still standing in front of the door. It was a text from Nick. Finally they were done.* JOE- Okay fine * i moved and we went inside to see my brotheres and Jake sitting on the couch watching basketball game.* BRIE- *goes up to Nick* Hey babe you miss me *kisses him lightly* NICK- most definitely BRIE- Good. *yawn (fake)* i'm tired i think i'm gonna go to bed GIRLS/BEN- (going along with her plan) Yeah me too *they walk off toward their rooms as i sit down and the rest of us turn and look excited to see what they do. All of a sudden we heard 3 girly screams and all 4 of them come out. The girls looked really pissed. Ben was just like "i can't believe they did this* BRIE- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NICHOLAS!!! NICK- *trying not to laugh at te sight of her* Y-yes? LESLIE- What the HECK did you 4 do this for? JB/JAKE- HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! KATIE- Wait a minute this was a prank. UHHHHH *okay see what we did was in each room we put everything we knew they hate. Like Brie's was filled with snakes and spiders and insects(rubber). Plus we hung sting all around the room and honey and whip cream everywhere. (AN: If you have ever seen the parent trap that is what is was like just all little more intense.) GIRLS- WE ARE GONNA KILL YOU BRIE/LESLIE- my hair *it was full of honey and whip. Leslie even has a rubber spider in it.* BEN- Girls it's okay we'll just get um back LESLIE- You're right team meeting *they all piled in one of the rooms to talk about someting* _________________________________________________________ Okay suckesh ending but oh well. What are they gonna talk about I hope you like this sereis please comment and rate it's important to me