Tri Axle Reefer Trailer with Steering Axle.

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Uploaded on August 31, 2009 by TassieTrucker

Just a quick video with my new Tamiya Reefer Trailer. The trailer's a bit plain Jane at the moment. I've decided to put my own designs on the sides. Will do that soon. I liked the idea of a steering axle so i left the bits off that stop it from steering.

The steering axle works off the principle of drag you will notice on most Tri axle trailers here in Australia and some across the world, The last or first wheels on the trailer get 'dragged' mainly because the second wheel is the pivot point.

With this design from Tamiya you can disconnect 2 arms and let the trailers rear most axle 'steer' whilst towing and turning in either direction. Mind you I've noticed the trailer tends to keep turning long after the truck has straitened up lol. Although it does take a bit to back the trailer because the rear axle tends to have a mind of it's own and goes where it wants to , if you take it slow it all works out and backs straight

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