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Firmware 3.0 JAILBREAK - REDSN0W (FOR ALL IPhone 2G, 3G & 3GS, IPod Touch 2G/1G) Firmware 3.0.1 TOO!

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STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Did you know when you click on the YELLOW Button at the top this box, this video won't ...
STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Did you know when you click on the YELLOW Button at the top this box, this video won't stop or close? TRY IT! =) Please SUBSCRIBE If this video helps you! every one of my subscriber counts! Do your part ;) ---------------------------------------------- Guide : How to JAILBREAK firmware 3.0 for iPhone / iPod Touch using a PC/MAC to get cydia. It can also unlock the iphone 2G. See more info below. (AS OF JULY 7th 09 REDSN0W 0.8 NOW SUPPORTS iPHONE 3GS. For.... -iPod Touch 1G -iPod Touch 2G (yup!) -iPhone 2G (will unlock) -iPhone 3G (will only jailbreak, ultrasn0w unlock in cydia) -iPhone 3GS (will only jailbreak, ultrasn0w unlock in cydia) ----------------------- DOWNLOADS: Firmwares (Look carefully, download the right one) : REDSN0W WINDOWS (0.8 Now supports 3GS) : OR REDSN0W MAC (0.8 Now supports 3GS) : OR Bootlaoder files for iPhone 2G : OR ------------------------------------------------- READ IF YOU ARE ON FIRMWARE 3.0.1 3.0.1 firmware is compatible with this version of redsn0w. what you want to do is -have a fresh restored version of 3.0.1 from itunes. then in redsn0w when it asks you to point to a firmware, browse and direct it to the firmware 3.0.0 firmware you downloaded above. Then Redsn0w will read the firmware. if you point to a 3.0.1 firmware, redsn0w will give you an error. ------------------------------------------------- NOTES : -You need to be on firmware 3.0 before starting the JAILBREAK. Upgrade by SHIFT/OPTION + Click the restore button and chose the firmware you want. -this will unlock iphone 2g -this will not unlock iphone 3g (install ultrasn0w in cydia after jailbreak) -dont use safari to download the file or else you wont get the .ipsw (use firefox to download it) -save the firmware file somewhere like desktop so you can browse it easier. -Redsn0w 0.7.2 has reported to have bugs (if you have a cydia error, jailbreak it again and only tick CYDIA and not icy. LIVE Help/Chat Q: YO What are you talking about man?? i need more info A: read the follow websites to get more info on JB. =) Twitter : MY VLOG Channel : Leave a comment below and thanks for watching. Hope it helped. . .