Portable Hyperbaric Chambers and Coma

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"Hyperbaric Chambers are used as a treatment which essentially involves providing the body with extra oxygen. The word 'Hyper' means 'increased' and 'Baric' refers to pressure. As we all know, Oxygen is one of the gases in the air that we breathe and is essential for life. The air that we breathe normally contains 21% oxygen. Breathing in 100% oxygen under increased pressure within a hyperbaric chamber allows extra oxygen to be forced into the blood stream and dissolved at a much faster rate than if pressure was not used. Another effect is the increased oxygen transport capacity of the blood. Under atmospheric pressure, oxygen transport is limited by the oxygen binding capacity of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which almost reaches saturation at atmospheric pressure, very little oxygen being transported by plasma.

However Oxygen transport by plasma is significantly increased under HBO therapy.This extra oxygen can help where healing is retarded due to infection or limited blood supply through tissue damage. Portable Hyperbaric Chambers and Coma

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