Persian Nowruz and Table Decoration ( Haft-Sheen or Haft-Shin )

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Persian Nowruz or Norouz is celebrated at the precise moment that spring arrives.
Persian calendar Zoroastrians and Bahais prepare for their New Year, called Norooz, which occurs at the spring equinox.

The Zoroastrian faith began in ancient Persia, now Iran. Estimates vary widely, but some claim that only as few as 115,000 Zoroastrians remain, most in India but also in Iran, Europe, and North America.

Zoroastrian Persian the Heft-Sheen table is central to the Norooz celebration. Sheen is one of the letters of the alphabet. Items beginning with the letter "sh" or sheen / Shin are traditionally put on the table. This tradition is going on from the King Cyrus great 7500yrs ago.

Zoroastrianism teaches that people should do good to help their one God in his cosmic struggle with the power of evil.

If you dont want to celebrate it the Islamic way, the heft Seen of garlic, vinegar, and so on. You should ask yourself do you really want to drink gross vinegar and eat garlic in the New Year and other gross stuff. Or should it be celebrated the original Persian/Zoroastrian way?

Now you know the true Seven sh (half-sheen) Persian/ Zoroastrian opening table decorations for Nowruz.

Zoroastrian has kept in life other Persian tradition and It has not be forgotten.

Example; THe Achu Michu Ritual, in which items are placed in a tray called the Sace or Ses, a metallic tray made of stainless Steele or silver. Those accessories are very delicate, and very valuable, they have been passed down the family for many generations.


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