Kanakadhara Stotram

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Please watch in HD for clear text and good quality --------------------------------------------------------...
Please watch in HD for clear text and good quality ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Śrī Kanakadhārā stotram is one of the earliest compositions of the preeminent 8th century philosopher saint Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācarya addressed to Goddess Lakṣmī, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. Sri Shankaracharya invoking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi through Kanakadhara stotram This stotra was composed by the great saint at a tender age. According to tradition, during the early boyhood of the great seer, as with tradition and customs, it was customary for young Brahmacārī boys to begging for alms. During one such rounds, the seer reached a house of a poor Brahmin lady. When he called out for alms, the Brahmin ladys heart melted in sorrow, since she had nothing but a gooseberry (Āmalaka) to offer. The Brahmin lady offered the only gooseberry she had at home to the young celibate. Seeing the devotion and earnestness and taking pity of the poor lady, the great seer composed this stotra extempore, extolling Goddess Lakṣmī and addressed as a prayer to bestow her bountiful blessings. It is said that upon the composition of this stotra, Goddess Lakṣmī appeared and showered her grace upon the poor Brahmin lady. To this day, the descendants of the Brahmin lady live at the very place which was graced by Śrī Śaṅkara and Goddess Lakṣmī; at Kalady. The family is known by the name of Swarnattu Mana, true to its name, meaning house of gold. ************************************* Special thanks to jontypandey ( for sharing this beautiful Stotram ************************************* ANNOTATIONS Open for all: Click below link to add annotations to this video. details at: ********************************************** Tags: Sacred Chants Kanada Dhara Sthotram Laxmi Durga Kaali Lakshmi Adi Shankar Shankaracharya Sanskrit Hymn song bhajan melodious devotional spiritual hinduism indian india SHRAVAN MANYAM