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Thailand Colonic: Absolute Sanctuary Samui

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- Give Yourself the Gift of Wellbeing! Detox, Yoga & Wellness Retreat l Koh Samui, Thailand. IS YOUR BODY...
- Give Yourself the Gift of Wellbeing! Detox, Yoga & Wellness Retreat l Koh Samui, Thailand. IS YOUR BODY TOXIC? If youre suffering from weight gain, lack of energy, bad skin, and depression, you may have accumulated excessive toxins in your body. A detoxifying holiday can make a HUGE difference. But first, lets talk about where these toxins come from. Toxin exposure falls into 4 main categories: - Environmental toxins - Household toxins - Food toxins - Lifestyle toxins Environmental Toxins include industrial pollution from car fumes, factories and combustion pollutants. A huge percentage of pesticides and insecticides used on fruit and vegetables are known to be carcinogenic. Industrial pollutants cause the poor air quality in big cities and industrial zones, which we know as smog and soot—and this soot ends up inside our bodies as well. Household Toxins come from everyday items such as furniture, TV sets, carpets and rugs often contain stain-repellent or fire-retardant chemicals that can persist for a long time in the home environment, eventually accumulating in our bodies. In our bodies, these chemicals have been shown to disrupt our natural hormonal system over time. Food Toxins are a major contributing factor to a toxic body. Man-made industrial and agricultural chemicals are severely contaminating our planet, disrupting natures cycles, and affecting humans and wildlife alike. The same chemicals that keep corn and apples and strawberries bug-free, end up inside your body and may cause major problems if left unchecked. Lifestyle Toxins refer to the behavioral choices you make that leave behind toxic residues. This includes smoking, drinking, over-the-counter, prescription, and illegal drugs, food additives and colorants, all create toxic deposits in the body cells, as does undigested organic matter. In the long run, these deposits can cause serious health problems such as weight gain, hormone imbalances, mental illness, cancer and heart problems. MORE INFO?