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- Give Yourself the Gift of Wellbeing!
Detox, Yoga & Wellness Retreat l Koh Samui, Thailand.

In the modern world, almost everyone takes in more toxins then they eliminate, so detoxification makes almost everyone feel fantastic.

Not sure if you NEED to detox?

Here are some common signs of a toxic body:

- Arthritis or joint pain
- Bad breath
- Acne
- Black bags under your eyes
- Bloated abdomen
- Chronic respiratory or sinus problems
- Food allergies
- Constipation, diarrhea or gas
- Insomnia and fatigue
- Frequent headaches
- Depression or anxiety
- Psoriasis
- Poor digestion or excess acid
- Sudden memory lapses
- Sensitivity to odors

Because we often eat too much, sleep too little, and work too hard, our bodies get behind in their natural cycle of detoxification. This is why detoxification holidays have become SO popular. This year on your vacation, rather than spending a week partying and overeating, why not try something new?

A detoxification holiday is fun, totally rejuvenating, and best of all youll meet all kinds of people just like you who are looking for something new. Theyre looking to improve their health and wellness, lose weight, and come back home glowing.

At Absolute Sanctuary, we welcome guests from all over the world to join us for 2 days or 2 weeks. This is time just for you to cleanse, refresh, detox, and rejuvenate your body.


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