Pistol W/ 2 16 Kg Kettlebells (70.55 Lbs) - One Leg Squat

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Uploaded on September 11, 2009 by HardcoreExercises

I wasn't sure if I could do this when I tried, and my form is not perfect, but good enough for my first attempt.

This was the same day that I tried doing a pistol with a kettlebell racked for the first time. This was also the very end of a long kettlebell workout, about one hour and fifteen minutes.

After which I shot about 5 videos and finally this. A pistol aka one leg squat with 2 16 kg kettlebells. My goal is to be able to do one with 2 32 kg kettlebells like Steve Cotter.

Considering I have only been doing kettlebells for about 3 months, I would say this is a good start.

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