The Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Hugo Rivera


Uploaded on September 14, 2009 by arnaldolutin

Natural Bodyuilder Reveals his Bodybuilding Secrets, Gain Muscle & Lose Fat

Gain Muscle, See How Hugo Rivera Gained Over 45 lbs of Solid Muscle, Forget Being a Hard Gainer, find out what nobody else wants to tell you.

The Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Hugo Rivera

As a competitive natural bodybuilder I've kept my unique diet and training techniques highly confidential aside from a few select clients.

However, I'm now going to release the break-through system I created after 17 years of my own blood, sweat and tears. A long and meticulous process of trial and error, a process where I turned myself into a human guinea pig by trying every diet system and training technique developed.


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