SCARY STORY Clown Statue

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Uploaded on September 18, 2009 by JASON4VOORHEES2

A young teenager was babysitting for some family friends one night, a little boy and a little girl. After hours of playing games with them, she took them upstairs to bed. But when she went to turn on the light, she found that it didn't work. Thinking no more of it as a burnt out light, the Babysitter ignored it and tuck the kids into their beds. When she went to turn around to leave the room, she squinted to see in the moonlight that was shinning through the bedroom window and noticed a life size clown doll standing in a corner wall beside the door. She started to get a creepy feeling. But something made her slowly step up to it through the darkness. She stared into its two black eyes. Slowly, she stepped closer and closer to it. Suddenly, her cell phone rang forcing the Babysitter to just about jump out of her skin. Shrugging off the Clown statue. she answered her cell phone. It was the children's mom asking to see if everything was ok. "Yes." She replied back weakly. "But I was wondering if I can please cover up the Clown Statue in the children's bedroom with a blanket? It's kinda freaking me out." There was a moment of silence on the phone. Then the Mother replied. "What are you talking about? We don't have a Clown Statue anywhere in the house. "WHAT?" The Babysitter asked in stunned reply. "Is this some kind of joke?" The bewildered Mother asked her." The Babysitter froze in terror and dropped the phone to the ground. Slowly, she turned around and saw something slowly stagger towards her in the darkness of the bedroom. "Who's there"? She screamed out. There was another long moment of silence. Then a dark demonic voice answered back. "There is no clown statue in here little girl." "Just you and me." "But soon . . . " Now the figure was just a few feet away from her. It slowly raised it's head and she could see that it was a psychopath in a clown costume. "Soon there will be only ME." It shouted at her. The Babysitter screamed in horror, but the Clown answered back in Satanic laughter as it chased after her with a butcher knife. When the parents got back home, they found their children dead in their beds, and the babysitter in the kitchen her lifeless body sprawled across the floor in a puddle of blood. All three victims had their throats slashed.

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