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TORMENTED, a sexy, scary high school horror movie that smells like teen spirit…with a hint of rotting flesh! From classrooms and cafeterias, to school ties and pool parties, teenage traumas full of promise, pimples and panic get a terrifying makeover as the best days of your lives become your worst nightmare.
Justine Fielding (TUPPENCE MIDDLETON) is the gorgeous head girl of her plush suburban grammar school Fairview High. She has just won a place at Oxford University when In-Crowd hunk Alexis (DIMITRI LEONIDAS) asks her out on a date.
All seems perfect.... except that Alexis and his circle of friends aren’t quite as hip and glam as they seem. Underneath the clique’s ‘too cool for school veneer’ lurks a pack of vicious peer pressure tormentors who find it vastly amusing to persistently tease anyone they consider worthless losers.
Their main target Darren Mullett (CALVIN DEAN) knows what his classmates did last summer. They bullied him to death. The overweight, asthmatic nerd was so relentlessly victimized by their cruel taunts, website intimidation and ‘happy slapping’ mobile phone recordings he committed suicide.
But death is not going to stop Darren finally finding the courage to stand up for himself. With nothing left to lose, he takes murderous revenge on his former classmates in increasingly brutal, bloody and imaginative ways. And the In-Crowd soon discover to their horror there is no point reasoning with a very angry zombie ghost.

Tormented, Horror, Alex Pettyfer, April Pearson, Dimitri Leonidas, Calvin Dean, Tuppence Middleton, Georgia King, Independent Film, Comedy, Entertainment


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    Miele 01:54


    by FilmTrailer (5/1/13) 269 views

    Miele narra la storia di Irene, una ragazza di trent'anni che ha deciso di aiutare le persone che soffrono: malati terminali che vogliono abbreviare l'agonia, persone le cui sofferenze intaccano la dignità di essere umano. Un giorno a richiedere il suo servizio è un settantenne in buona salute, che ritiene semplicemente di aver vissuto abbastanza. L'incontro metterà in discussione le convinzioni di Irene e la coinvolgerà in un dialogo serrato lungo il quale la relazione tra i due sembrerà infittirsi di sottintesi e ambiguità affettive.

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    Iron Man III 01:27

    Iron Man III

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    Er ist exzentrisch, genial, scharfzüngig – doch nicht unbesiegbar. Das muss Tony Stark alias Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) erkennen, als er sich einem Gegner gegenübersieht, der keine Grenzen kennt. Nachdem dieser ihm all das, was Stark am Herzen liegt, genommen hat, begibt sich der geschlagene Held auf die leidvolle Suche den zu finden, der dafür verantwortlich ist – eine Reise, die seinen Mut und seine Standhaftigkeit auf eine harte Probe stellen wird. Mit dem Rücken zur Wand kann sich Stark auf seiner Mission nur noch auf seine eigenen Instrumente, seinen Scharfsinn und seine Instinkte verlassen um jene zu schützen, die ihm am wichtigsten sind. Während er sich langsam wieder zu alter Form zurückkämpft, findet Stark die Antwort auf die Frage, die ihn insgeheim schon lange verfolgt: Macht der Mann den Anzug oder macht der Anzug den Mann?

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