EARTH Tricks of Hand Sack by Saceasi

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Uploaded on September 22, 2009 by saceasi

EARTH element is about... 1-Unusual catches on legal surfaces above the belt line... is the Eagle Style 2-Unusual catches aka foot stalls on legal surfaces below the belt the Dragon Style
A hand sack is a new and unique skill toy concept that uses the back of the hands at first to toss and catch... after that all is ok... only 1 rule... No Palms Allowed! The game is a mix of martial arts, juggling and hacky sack. It was invented by Saceasi in 1992 and we hope to see it at the olypics before 2050! The demo is done in the video by Sebastien Perron aka Big Dog (myachi master) with his patriotic red, white and blue 1 foot long mohawk!

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