Father Adam and Hamlet by Reid Baer

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Father Adam and Hamlet
By Reid Baer

The true knowledge, the pure awful
Quixotic knowledge, I would say:
the insight into the Fallen
impossibility of this

Rank mortality is enough
to annihilate any mans
ambition and bring on nothing
but calamitous depression.

My beloved Hamlet was not
indecisive as some may claim.
He was heroic because he
saw the ridiculousness of

Trying to set right a world out
of joint. Inherently, this fact
kills action and action requires
the veil of some illusion or

Faith for our conscious son finding
reasons for living for this is
the definitive doctrine of
the Dane: he saw the horrible

Truth that outweighs any motive
for action and yet he moved be-
cause of his will to live - on task!
He didnt sin he made a choice.

Like Father Adam he paid a
price, as do we all, TO BE in
this lifes moment through eternal
natures of things and on earth man

Trods alone or in Spirit with
the Blessed One who has already
endured overwhelming odds
allowing for a living God.

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