Military Industry of Egypt


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This Video is divided into 10 parts, each part is considered with a type of military equimpent manufactured in Egypt. 1- Aircraft [only the first Aircraft (K-8E) is still manufactured and in service] 2- Aircraft bombs and missiles. 3- Air Defence equimpent. 4- Anti-Tank missiles. 5- Armored personal carriers. 6- Automatic rifles and pistols. 7- Multiple launchers rocket systems (Only one type is displayed here, there is about 7 types) 8- Field communication devices. 9- Smoke, Illumination rockets. 10- Mines, Mine-Dispensing vehicles. Military goods produced in Egypt not mentioned in the video includes: Gazelle helicopters and engines, Other Helicopter engines, Parts and components of the Mirage 2000 in addition to the F-16 block 50, Infraredguided missiles, Tank's upgrades and manfucature under license, Tank ammunition, Artillery and artilley pieces, Small caliber and heavy ammunition, Mortars, Grenades and other explosives, Rocket motors, Radars and electronic equipment, Alpha jet engines, Field and aircraft communications equipment, Gyroscopes, Weapon sights, Computer numerical control (CNC) devices, night observation devices, articulated telescopic laser, range-finders, hand held laser range-finders, aiming circles and various types of binoculars and periscopes, Signal pistol, Commando's blade daggers and axes, Jeep Ranglers and Cherokee for the army and civilians, Ships.
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