Zona A - Preco to Tak Vzdycky Skonci

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Uploaded on October 03, 2009 by matthais

Recently, Slovak creative group KE-mafia produced a new animated video for punk rock band Zona A, I co-worked as the illustrator, designer and animator. This new music video which is 2 and half minutes long starts to run at Slovak TV music shows now. Production run for 22 months, animation uses 2D digital animation created from scanned hand-drawn illustrations combined with cut-out photo pieces. I want to thank the band, esp. Koňyk and Revo, producer and director Agda, cast Karči, Elvis the Cat, Julius Von Fontana the Superferret, Luky, Alki, Gejza Dezorz, Daasha and everybody for waiting until this end.
Promo site: ke-mafia.com/zonaa/video2009/
For the team of creators,
Matuus Steff Gaal, designer

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