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Blastoff Network Prelaunch

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BLASTOFF OPPORTUNITY Biggest Announcement since Google, Facebook, Twitter & All Social Media Sites http:/...
BLASTOFF OPPORTUNITY Biggest Announcement since Google, Facebook, Twitter & All Social Media Sites There is something happening that is going to absolutely revolutionally going to change how people use the Internet. This is going to surpass Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Here is what is happening. A new company is in pre-launch status called Blastoff Network. Its basically brings to one place, everything to one place you like to use the Internet for. Includes all the things that you love on your homepage. This has been done before right? The monumental difference is this Blastoff network has partnered with over 300 businesses like Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, Old Navy, Itunes, Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks, Sears, Macys, Expedia, Best Western, Travelocity for travel, AGAIN - There are over 300 current companies that are going to get you paid a commission of anywhere between 1% and 50% to buy their products through BlastoffNetwork. When you do buy online through the Blastoff Network, Blastoff will literally send you a check Remember, this site is for FREE, Its SIMPLE, you don't have to pay to be a member, it will be your homepage, you will use it everyday, it is so very easy. Listen up very closely, the second you sign up, you can immediately import all the names and contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, FriendFeed,LinkedIn, or ANY social media site, your email contacts, your friends into your Blastoff page. It is EASY, at the press of a button, an email will be sent out to all your contacts inviting them to get there own Blastoff page and to join immediately. They WILL of course, they want to get paid and save to shop online like they already to anyways! And its FREE. Blastoff will now pay you a commission when all your contacts buy something through their own Blastoff page. Did you hear that? Blast off will now pay you each time your contacts buy through their own Blastoff Network page. Immediately after your contacts start, they will send an invitation to all of their contacts and YOU will get paid commissions for everyone they invite, and everyone they inturn invite, in your whole network at least 10 levels deep. More in some cases. online, start their own page. And say those 3 get three people and those people invite 3 people and this goes on until 10 levels deep. REMEMBER - This is ultra-conservative, you will have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people under you because of viral marketing. Everyone will want this, everyone shops online, everyone will want to get paid, everyone will send this to all their contacts in the Social Media sites, and they will all be under you. Okay, suppose only ½ of those people (50%) buy only $250 YOU WOULD MAKE OVER $73,000 FOR THE YEAR!! Let me say that again, YOUR commissions for this would be over $73000 for the ENTIRE YEAR!!! SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! All for you only inviting this to 3 people. Are you excited yet? Remember - say you send this out to 300 people on your Facebook or MySpace, they each send it to all their contacts, say 300 or so people, that's already 90,000 people so far those 90000 send it to their contacts 300 each, Guys, were already in the Millions of people in YOUR network up to 10 levels of this deep. You will get paid commissions from MILLIONS of people. Remember - The Blastoff Network is FREE, ITS EASY, ITS SIMPLE. EVERYONE WILL USE IT. YOU GET PAID TO SHOP ONLINE A PERCENTAGE FROM HUGE COMPANIES LIKE WAL-MART etc WILL BE THE BIGGEST THING SINCE GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, TWITTER LAUNCHED! This company doesn't launch publicly until October 27th, 2009 at 12:01 AM. YOU can get in SOONER. I have exclusive rights to get people in before the launch goes VIRAL. At 12:01 AM on October 12th, 2009, you can get your own Blastoff page and begin inviting people. YOU will be in on the PRE-LAUNCH and have 2 weeks to invite and create your entire networks until October 27th. Then it goes public. You want to be the first of everyone you know to do this. So you will be on top and get paid for their activity. I guarantee you that everyone you know will do this at some point soon, so you need to be on top. Okay I have more to come Including how you can get started in with Blastoff even sooner, for a small fee. This would allow you to market Blastoff network Right Now! go here for more information HILRY NAT THOMAS SR. 504-329-4519 [email protected]