Fred Astaire And Rita Hayworth -- "I'm Old Fashioned"

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The famous dance under moonlight from their last pairing on screen: "You Were Never Lovelier" in 19...
The famous dance under moonlight from their last pairing on screen: "You Were Never Lovelier" in 1942. Jerome Kern wrote the classic song "I'm Old Fashioned", with a lyric by Johnny Mercer, for this film. Looks crazy to hear Astaire (in any role) say "I am strictly from corn!", but he (the actor) really was born in Omaha! ........ Wiki reports: "Although Hayworth had a fine voice, Harry Cohn insisted on her singing being dubbed throughout by Nan Wynn.....Dance director was Val Raset, the one and only time he collaborated with Astaire, and his choreographic input into the film is unclear" Hayworth was born "in Brooklyn....she was trained as a dancer from childhood." ....... Fred Astaire, in his autobiography "Steps In Time" wrote: My first meeting with Rita was in a rehearsal hall at Columbia Studios. It was upstairs in one of the buildings and, as I recall, the stairway led directly into the large rehearsal room. As I came up the last few steps I gave a hurried glance around, expecting to see Rita, as I had been told she would be there. I didn't see her and asked one of the assistants, "Isn't Miss Hayworth going to be here this morning?" he pointed to a remote corner of the room, "Why, yes--she's been here for some time." There she was. Oh yes--a beautiful sight. Bob Alton, choreographer on the picture, brought her over and introduced us. I said, "I'm an old freind of your father's." "Yes, I know," murmured Rita. I then asked how tall she was as I stood alongside of her....As we stood there, both in flat heels, I was easily three inches taller and I told her I hoped she didn't have to wear very high heels with me. She quickly answered, "Oh, no, I don't have to." We then danced around the mirrored room in impromptu ballroom fashion, as I wanted to get an idea of how we looked together. I kept thinking how extraordinary it was to find myself about to play opposite my freind Eduardo Cansino's lovely daughter, and I told her so. She laughed. Rita danced with trained perfection and individuality. She, of course, knew through experience what this dancing business was all about. That was apparent the moment I started working with her.