ParadiseTV Bikini Shoot [18+]

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Uploaded on February 09, 2007 by TokyoDV

Ms. Kozue Ikeda, a.k.a. Ms. 'Lake Star River South'.. (It should be 'Lake Field Branch', or something like that, but.. anyway.. She's in a bikini, holding a cherry blossom branch and sucking dango balls. Who am I to question?)

Ms Ikeda hosts a 'news' show at Paradise TV called 'Bathing News'. You get the idea; she reads news while undressing and getting into the hot bath.. But in this clip she's posing for a still camera.

At the time, spring was just around the corner so she's holding cherry blossoms and dango balls; 'a chewy snack made of rice flour, normally served on a stick with various types of sauces'.. Or used as sexual innuendoes.

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