Attraction Marketing (Attraction Marketing)

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Published 14 Oct 2009
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I this video I am just Giving a basic Idea on What "Attracti... 
I this video I am just Giving a basic Idea on What "Attraction Marketing" is. It is how to Attract endless amount of distributors to YOU (Magnetic Sponsoring). You Don't want to be pursuing your customers,you want your customers to pursue you. People Don't like to be sold, they like to buy, they want it to be their idea to buy not someone trying to sell them something. Network Marketing is not what it seems, people don't join your company because of your companies product or your companies plan they join YOU. (Attaraction Marketing) is all about building relationships, you build a list of potential customers and distributors, build a relationship with that list then Monetize that list. All the top Earners market this way so why don't you follow in their footsteps. Bases on the concepts of mike dillard's magnectic sponsoring [Attraction Marketing] is the way to go if you want to be successful in network Marketing. For more info
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