N8 & Mic: Parisian Pandemonium


Uploaded on October 18, 2009 by cohesivetv

N8&Mic: Parisian Pandemonium is an idea, a show and a concept born out of anomic amity and a desire to dispel anachronistic assumptions one may have about Paris and what its relevance is today. This rubric of Cohesive TV prides itself on improvisation, spontaneity and an unabated fervor to never repeat, all the while developing and honing a peculiar style. From institutionalized squats and museums filled with street art to indie French rockers that model themselves after tragic anglophone icons, Parisian Pandemonium shows you the flip side of the city of lights. Nathan Rippy (the host) and Michael Ingledew (cameraman et al) are graceful party crashers on a cultural mission "en France".

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