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Uploaded on October 19, 2009 by SEOSEMGOOGLE SEO and SEM for (Google Switzerland) by Ardan Michael Blum - Search Engine Optimization expert in Switzerland. Video: Presents my view that Google DOES read comment tags and that good tags will help greatly your general on-page SEO. Information presented in this video presents ideas which are a little-GREY HAT and is NOT intended for anything but your enjoyment.

AGAIN: WHITE HAT SEO SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED - knowing tricks is great for your private fun but NOT for clients! You may also contact me via my site for further tips. Make sure to read EVERYTHING which Vanessa Fox writes and to understand clearly that in SEO 4 main rules are the key to your success: 1) The volume of ORIGINAL work on your site (add at least one new page per week). 2) Obviously the PR of inbound Anchor Text links. 3) The Age of your site and 4) the LOVE you place in your work. Google somehow can feel this :)

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