Sahaba Dancing Around the Prophet (pbuh)? Proven by the Sunnah from Sahih Hadeeth

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A short clip from a DVD called 'Nashids according to the Muhadithin' from the Al-Hidayah Series 2007. The S...
A short clip from a DVD called 'Nashids according to the Muhadithin' from the Al-Hidayah Series 2007. The Shaykh gives evidences for the permissability of Hadra (A spiritual Dance) which is done in the love of Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) as a form of Dhikr. Raqs= Spiritual Dance commonly practised by Sufis all over the world How can Muslims in an age of globalisation and imperial domination preserve their culture and tradition? The answer: Sing and Dance in the Love of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)! It is no secret that the preservation and extension of Islam through the last 1400 years has taken place at the hands of the sufis. This fact is well known that the famous Orientalist, Hamilton Gibb in Mohammedanism: An historical survey, writes that: "The Mystics... were the leaders in the task of conversion among the pagans and the superficially islamized was mainly due to them that through sucessive centuries the religous frontiers of Islam were steadily extended in Africa, India, Indonesia, across Central Asia into Turkestan and China, and in parts of South-Eastern Europe. In the 17th and 18th centuries the Sufi brotherhoods' primary task was to conserve, unify and to stabilise social life on Muslim Standards. Within these limits the measure of unity which they acheived and the social stability with which they maintained was indeed remarkable." Such is the work of the Sufis who through out the ages tought the believers extreme love, reverence, respect and loyalty to Allah and the Prophet combined with obedience and following. In our times Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is working for the revivial of the Islamic spirit through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. In this lecture he talks about how the companions would show their love for the Holy Prophet (pbuh) throught the medium of dancing. For more info about the legality of Hadrah: