Digital Hearing Aids Now Programmed At Home

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Uploaded on October 21, 2009 by diyhearing

D.i.Y Hearing Aids is a pioneer in providing the latest hearing aid techology to the hard of hearing consumer. Their customers can now purchase discount hearing aids and program and/or adjust them right from home. Until now all hearing aids including BTE hearing aids, were fitted and programmed at a local hearing aid dealer or audiologist office. New technology will now allow you to Do it Yourself from your own computer. Their Virtual Technician programmer sets a new standard for convenience in the ownership and use of hearing instruments by allowing a digital hearing aid purchase to be made direct from the manufacturer and programmed either by the wearer or with remote assistance from their offices directly over the internet. And the Virtual Technician programmer is included with the purchase of a pair of compatible instruments. This is a must have for anyone with time constraints, a handicap or who just doesn't want to take the time to go to a dealers office to have an adjustment made. Just, "Do it Yourself" with your own programming kit. Oh, and one other thing... their digital hearing aids cost are 70% less than you'd pay for the same premium hearing instruments at a local hearing aid dealer!

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