What I Have Against Fad Diets That Work

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Uploaded on October 22, 2009 by rawandrew

http://www.shedyourweight.com/the_dangers_of_any_quick_weight_loss_diet_and_how_to_avoid_them.html - Fat diets are everywhere nowadays and they are really appealing. I mean who wouldn’t want to lose a lot of weight super fast. Unfortunately fat diets aren’t all that healthy.

I am not saying that fad diets don’t work. In fact most of them work. How can you not lose weight when you are starving yourself. There are plenty of fad diets that work, meaning that they help you lose weight. What I have against the fad diets that work is the fact that they don’t teach you the healthy eating habits you need to keep all the lose weight off.

What good is it for you if you lose weight using a fad diet and then gain it back again. Besides getting fat again after you go off the fad diet you also weaken your health and slow down your metabolism. This makes it so that you gain even more weight and become sick more often. Not the long term results that you wanted I bet.

My advice to you is stay away from fad diets even if they work. Use a healthy diet to lose weight.

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