Prizes I Received from Points2shop

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Uploaded on October 25, 2009 by Gamesfromme123

Hey, like I said in the video. Points2shop is a really great website to get free gifts from. Not time consuming at all. The link I am going to put up is a referral link, but I will offer you guys that sign up under my link a free gift worth 500($5) or less. You will only get the free gift from me if you sign up under my referral link, remain an active member on the site for 2 weeks and I'll contact you about your free gift after the 2 weeks.
This is not a scam. I didn't have proof to show I received those video games from points2shop, but no one is forcing you to join the website. And what do you have to lose if you do join? Just try it and I bet you'll love the website like I do!

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