March 9, 2008--Happy 3rd Birthday, Blu!

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Happy Birthday Blu! We went to a horse expo and purchased this Mayatex saddle pad. His color is going to be...
Happy Birthday Blu! We went to a horse expo and purchased this Mayatex saddle pad. His color is going to be ice blue because my sister's colors are navy and hunter green. I have been training Blu on the ground for 2 yrs and started to ride about a month ago. His knees weren't ready last year. I started the actual Parelli program with him 3 months ago and he has been flying through it. He is a Left Brain Introvert who becomes Right Brain Introvert when he is scared at home and Right Brain Extrovert when he is scared away from home. He also frequently becomes a Left Brain Extrovert when we are playing. He was raised alone and the result is that his social skills suck and he likes humans a lot better than horses. Parelli has let him feel smart, though. I have seen him being a little bit more sure of himself out there with his pasture mate. So, today, I rode him (I kept saying 'on his back' in the video, lol) and he was really great (when I said it was my best ride ever, I meant it was the best ride with him so far). He didn't like me getting on for the longest time and it was one of the few hurdles that we have had to work hard to overcome, but he stood and did not even look back at me today. The fit of a saddle can make a world of a difference! So far, I have only trotted on him because he is still not safe cantering on the ground. When I am leading him and he is walking, he is relaxed. Then, as I trot, his ears go back and his head raises. I have been working a lot on that transition to make it a better experience for him and the results that are coming in are really encouraging for me. On the circle, he quite often used to absolutely explode when asked to canter. Then he'd stop and have this look on his face like "What just happened?". I guess you could relate it to the Hulk. Now, he either gives this pissy-faced look or braces. That is when it is most interesting; he either goes LBI or RBI... He is a very complicated and loveable character regardless. Enjoy what you can, lol *disclaimers: I don't really sound like a four year old on helium. I have tried over annunciation, speaking in a low voice, and speaking louder, but I never sound right when I watch it. It didn't help that I was sick, lol. Also, sorry that I kept talking about youtube, lol; that was so dumb, which is what I do when I am recording, lol.