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Xowii Energy Drink Kona Red Coffee Berry

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XOWII ENERGY DRINK XOWii energy drink is the newest craze in the energy drink industry, including the red...
XOWII ENERGY DRINK XOWii energy drink is the newest craze in the energy drink industry, including the red coffee berry, one of the highest levels on Antioxidants of any Superfruit in the world. XOWii’s Red Coffee Cherry is a superfruit that has an antioxidant rating of almost doubling the Acai Berry. XOWii is the only health and energy drink that taps into the amazing health benefits of the red coffee cherry in a direct sales market. It is believed that high ORAC foods possess the power to slow down or prevent detrimental changes to the body and brain caused by aging and illness. XOWii’s Red Coffee Cherry has an extraordinary level of antioxidants with regenerative benefits to help us prevent disease, resist sun damage and delay aging (by way of neutralizing free radicals). XOWii's abundance of desirable nutrients is the perfect blend for a balanced healthy diet, making it the next superfood Another primary ingredient found in XOWii is Liquid Glucosamine to improve joint flexibility and mobility. Glucosamine is proven to improve joint flexibility and mobility. Our bodies generate sufficient amounts of glucosamine in our bodies to generate connective tissue and healthy cartilage. However, gradually the rate at which our bodies use glucosamine begins to gradually change and our bodies may not be able to keep up with the demand for glucosamine. Therefore, XOWii energy drink is an important supplement for both athletes to protect joints, and women succeptible to osteoperosis. Another very beneficial ingredient in XOWii Energy Drink is Acai Berry juice. Acai’s high Protein levels, which are more than an egg, make it an optimal food source for protein in any diet while avoiding bad cholesterol. Also, Acai’s includes more different types of Antioxidents than any other food source known to man. XOWii also includes great mineral varieties by including Acai. Acai comes the closest to any food a human can survive on exclusively, traces of every beneficial mineral known to mankind XOWII Energy Drink also includes Aronia berry juice, also known as the Chokeberry. Aronia's very high antioxidant levels make it one of the eight “true” superfruits the planet offers, and it's the only one native to the USA. They are quite sour in their raw form and need to be sweetened, but don’t worry, XOWii Energy Drinks taste great. HILRY NAT THOMAS 504-329-4519 [email protected]