(RSMV) Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan


Uploaded on November 07, 2009 by Kingbeast321

Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan
RSMV Peddobear products :D

Woo hey what'sup it's Ryan! My next vid is finally done thanks to the help of a lot of Forrest's friends :D I really like this song so I one day decided to make a video of it! Thanks again to Forrest for letting me use his account while mine is still disabled. (to hell I'm paying them 30 more dollars). Anyways, enjoy the vid! (or else...)

Thanks to all the people who helped:
HoboKittyO_o --LOL can't help but laugh at this name
omg its BOBO
fat goat609
King Tyro541
Crimson Ally

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