(HERO)3YearOldBabyBeatlesShow in Diaper -HeyJude-

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Hero Ha/Baby Beatles & Pop Prodigy hopes to meet and perform with The Beatles in the future! Please send yo...
Hero Ha/Baby Beatles & Pop Prodigy hopes to meet and perform with The Beatles in the future! Please send your email/message to heroisborngmail****,if any!! Thanks in advance! Hero was born in Korea in September 2003. He has Beatles mania. His full Korean name is Ha,YoungWoong; Family name is Ha / Given name is YoungWoong (from Chinese) which means "Hero" in English. Self-motivation is what differentiates Hero from other child musicians like Michael Jackson who was forced to practice as a child. Starting at the end of 2005, Hero began to sing by himself and now he can sing about 40 of The Beatles songs and forty other old pop songs. Hero has not been trained in English or Music and has yet to live in or even visit any English-speaking countries. He just learned the songs by ear by himself and for his own amusement and after two months he finally managed to sing all 27 songs on The Beatles "1", though his pronunciation as a non-English speaker is a bit poor!!! Hero has been dying to learn the guitar, but regretfully, he is too short and weak to get a tight grip on it with his fingers since he was only 90cm in 2007, last year and is still only 100cm now. For your reference Hero's Korean is quite advanced for his age and he has yet to receive any formal training. Korea masscom regards him as a language prodigy; He was also featured in a Special Edition of BEST BABY in February 2008 (the most influential monthly parenting magazine in Korea) * For your ref. As of May,2008 the Total Views of the same main video clips on-line with this original in YouTube is over 21 millions and the details are as follows ; 1. From MySpace - Tom's Profile Page 6.25 millions views in 2months after upload on MySpace Co-founder/President Mr.Tom Anderson's mini homepage as his most favorite clip* *******vids.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual &VideoID=29222505 ,which was deleted now due to its duplicate copy. 2. From MySpace - Hero's Profile 5.65 millions views *******vids.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=33815023 3. From YouTube - Previous Hero Account 5.25 millions views *******kr.youtube****/watch?v=fqXYwNDrU8k ,which deleted by mistake. 4. From a Netherland Netizen 3.48 millions views *******uk.youtube****/watch?v=wgrrQwLdME8 5. From YouTube - etc. 0.52 millions views *******uk.youtube****/watch?v=KNHLywCfnHI + etc* *Hero's public profile 9 months after this 1st debut video clip on *******myspace****/heroiscoming *Thanks Letter on HERO from N.Y. In USA* *******myspace****/farynsand Date: 16 May 2008, 15:16 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ha, I have been meaning to write to you for a few months now, ever since I started watching Hero's videos on YouTube. The first one I saw was him singing Hey Jude in his diaper And I was amazed even at that. I think all the comments people have been writing about him being really cute (which is definitely is!!!!!), are totally falling short of recognizing how incredibly special he is. To sing that song with the level of rhythm and confidence he had, and lyrical knowledge in a totally foreign language (!!!!!!), is not just cute--it is gifted. And I don't know if people recognize just how gifted. As both a musician and someone who has studied language acquisition, I was really blown away. And THEN, to see him performing on stage and how far he had come in such a short time, just confirmed his giftedness. As I watched some more footage of him, though, I also realized that he is not just a talented kid. Hero has one of the most amazing souls I have ever seen. His spirit is so beautiful and you can see it dancing all around him. He seems so passionate about life, and also so loving to those around him. I'm sure as his parents, you know much more than I do, but I just have to say that there is something very unique about his soul that you should pay close attention to...as an outsider point of view, i want to say to you that your beautiful child *is* different from others. Even at this young age, you can tell that he will do great things for himself and for other people in his life. In fact, one of the main reasons I'm writing to you is to say thank you, for Hero has already done something great for me. I am only 25 but I have struggled with my health for the past 10 years, and most recently I have been having some pretty dark times. And during this time, there have been days when literally the only thing that would make me smile, and feel genuine happiness deep in my heart, was to watch Hero.... and I could watch the same videos over and over, it didn't matter...it never failed...every time I watched him, he automatically raised my spirit with his own shining spirit. It even amazed me! I could be feeling so sad, but as soon as I saw him, I could be laughing out loud and smiling.It is as if he reached through the computer And so,definitely, he is literally my hero, in so many ways.