Westin Hotel Puerto Vallarta Desination Wedding by PromovisionPV


Uploaded on November 15, 2009 by PromovisionPV

Destination Weddings, Westin Hotel Wedding Venue Puerto Vallarta Mexico by promovisionpv.com info (at) promovisionpv.com More weddings recaps featured on the link http://puerto-vallarta-Weddings.magnify.net More photography Works are shown as video slide show. The final edited video DVDs will include chapters Getting Ready (both if possible) Ceremony (live sound of exchange of vows) Cocktail & some shots of the photo session Dinner, Toasts (live sound) & cutting of cake Party time Overall review as seen here Typical DVD 1 hour up to 90 minutes. All depends on the event. Have your wedding webcasted live for all your family and friends by promovisionpv.com Music has been removed for copyrights.

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