Part 1 of 4 is Introduction to and Summary of #1a

By: mdoet

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Uploaded on November 17, 2009 by mdoet

In the first part of #1a I introduce myself and these classes by covering the main point about three times each: that's the cause and effect of the 911 disaster; discerning divine signs in music, movies, TV shows, etc; and permission for sex from God.This is part 1 of 4, (of 2:28 hours), of class #1a from, .net and .org. The reason it went so long is because it was the first class I made in iMovie, (all the rest of the hundreds of hours of classes were done on a VCR). This class is many clips of classes that best sum up what these classes are about, the main point being that God asked me to represent Jesus's return. After I obeyed the call then I had to make a public record of it, that's at, .net & .org. Being "the one" God picked to do this job I was set up with a lot of songs and movies to explain what God was going to accomplish through me, like this one: "maybe he's no Romeo but he's my loving ONE MAN SHOW, lets hear it for the boy" by Denise Williams. I also explained in class #1c my version of copyright permission. One of the main reasons for the 911 disaster was that it was the wrath of God for violating God's copyright. The movies, songs and commercials I use were divine signs and prophetic of my calling to represent Jesus's return. Instead of the church and the public obeying God's request to, "let's hear it for the boy", I've been mocked so much that God will be ending these classes and my life soon, i.e. my job is done and I get to go home early, (as soon as I'm finished promoting the classes). So there.

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