Rugby 101 -The Rugby Match Structure

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*******ruggachick**** Rugby 101 ep6. Traditionally before a game a coin will be tossed to determine which s...
*******ruggachick**** Rugby 101 ep6. Traditionally before a game a coin will be tossed to determine which side will kick off and what direction the teams will be running. This is usually done by the referee although the laws suggest that it should be done by one of the captains. In most cases the home side will elect what side of the coin they will choose, either heads or tails. The winner may choose to kick off or what direction they will run. Weather can be a decisive factor, such as the possibility of having a potentially large advantage over an opponent if there is a high amount of wind, as it would aid the kicking game. Depending on the time of the game, the sun might be a factor in decision, being a potential problem to vision of players, depending on which way they run. Depending on when the toss was performed, both sides will make their way out onto the field. A kick-off will be performed from the center of the field. Each half lasts 40min, but play comes to an end only when the ball is dead. Variations in time and extra time apply in a number of interpretations of the game or tournaments. Half time lasts around 10min, and allows for the coach interaction as well as time for crowds to access amenities and facilities. In the 2nd half teams swap direction of play and now the other team kicks off. So any possible advantage such as the wind may be in favour of the other side, although the conditions may no longer be present. There you have it my Rugga fans, now you know exactly how the match structure works. Thanks 4 watching. Bye now.