How to Keep You and Your Horse from Becoming a Horse Accident on Youtube or Any Other Video Site

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Published 19 Nov 2009
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Why is it that highly trained horses in all aspects of equine activity injure themselves or their riders?  ...
Why is it that highly trained horses in all aspects of equine activity injure themselves or their riders?  Why is it that you hear so many stories that begin with the horse spooked at, "fill in the blank here", and ends with the injuries to horse and/or rider.  
    The OPM Horse, or "Other Peoples Mistake" video series is dedicated to helping you round out your horse, to prevent that injuries that can put you or your horse in the hospital, or kill one or both of you.  Want your horse to handle things that few other horses do, regardless of your horses age, sex, breeding, or specialty.  Want to build a relationship where your horse will not only trust you implicitly, but actually look to you for leadership.

    Natural Horsemanship Gentling Indian Pony Cowboy Cowgirl Brand Foxtrotter Fox Trotter Mare Arabian Ranch Hand Gelding Tennessee Walker Welsh flag Shetland Miniature Ball Registered Bow Archery Soccer American Fire Beach dirt Spur water wind wash bath sand stud fee hat sole horse horseshoe bathe ireland hammer
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horses" section 
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see Welsh Pony 
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Zhumd, Zhemaichu, or Zhmudka
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