Hero: The Qin Army 260 B.C.

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A small video clip from the famous Arrow Scene Taken from the film "Hero". ATTENTION: Please let th...
A small video clip from the famous Arrow Scene Taken from the film "Hero". ATTENTION: Please let the video load first if you wish to view this video without buffering interruptions. "By the 260's BC, all other states of China realized the full magnitude of the Qin reforms to the very nature of warfare. All vestiges of aristocratic pleasantry had vanished in favor of raw efficiency. Starting 265 BC Qin launched a massive invasion against Han. By 262 BC Qin was again bullying Han to give up its Shangdang area. Han, not willing to benefit Qin, turned to Zhao and offered Shangdang to Zhao, which lead to a standoff between Qin and Zhao for the control of Shangdang, and, in a larger stage, the dominance of northern China. The two states engaged in a three years long Battle of Changping, followed by another three years long siege of Handan, which saw not just war in the field but also full involvement in both home fronts campaigning for supplies and political plots. The type of warring scheme in Changping was a show-down of overall state strength stretched to its maximum by the two sides. Qin, despite its stacked resources and vast manpower, had to enlist every man above the age of 15 to be on war related duties, from front line service to logistics to agriculture, and saw King Zhaoxiang himself directing the army supply lines. The extent of mobilization and the resulting exhaustion in the aftermath was never be seen in world history for another 2,000 years until this concept of total war was back on stage again during WWI. At the end, it was diplomatic corruption plots by Qin within the Zhao court which resulted in a change in the Zhao general staff that led Qin to her ultimate victory in battle in 260 BC. Afterwards, Qin general Bai Qi sent a dreadfully staggering message to the whole known world of Qin's mighty indisputable authority by ordering the execution of some 400,000 POWs from the surrendered Zhao army. In total, Zhao lost almost 450,000 troops. It was the beginning of the end of Zhao." Source: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Qin_%28state%29