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Mw2 Modern warfare 2 gun comformed cod call of duty 4 5 mods hacks modd Activision and Treyarch announced today a third map pack for Call of Duty: World at War. Schedule for release next month, Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 features three multiplayer maps (Battery, Revolution, and Breach), co-developed with Certain Affinity, and one new Zombie map (Der Riese). Below is the info provided by Treyarch:
So yes, 3 new Multiplayer maps, one new awesome Nazi Zombie map, a new Nazi Zombie Weapon Upgrader, and 10 new Achievements /Call of Duty World at War Exclusive Nazi Zombie Gameplay HQ High Quality HD Ready full call of duty 5 beta gameplay multiplayer 4 COD5 COD 5 infinity ward waw world at war nazis are zombie zombies xbox 360 microsoft sony playstation play station three 3 PS3 wii nintendo world war 2 WW2 WWII Gears of War GOW 2 1 halo 1 2 3 longshot pwnage owned own3d terrible nine year old n00b glitches terrible Nizmojoe clan exo outsider hitmanN nick nerd trash kid headshot blood gore idiot gears tourque bow grenade cod 1 2 3 4 knife
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