Great Rare Mahjong Deck of Cards Never Before Seen Very Comprehensive Nice Animation Ad


Uploaded on November 25, 2009 by BananaQPeople

If you have played mahjong before, you will notice that all the needed cards for the different ways to play mahjong are included. Also you can now play with more than 4 people at the same time. There are new cards that will add more spice to the game.
You can get a free mahjong deck or a few if you partner with your friends and help promote this by going online with a very simple video. or blog or email to your friends - no need to use special effects or after effects. However, we can make your link look like a christmas card with the moving images, check out bananaq(com).
This is a great game for students in dormitories, soldiers military deployed, elderly in the nursing homes (they probably know mahjong since American Mahjong has been around since the 1920s). Ask someone who already plays mahjong what his or her opinion is of this set.
This is a preorder, so the way to get your order as soon as possible is to buy now and then email your friends and family and encourage them to buy it as well, that way we will meet the quota as soon as possible, and the printers here in Chicago will be able to do their job in 2 weeks. We will ship all over the world, the postage varies because of weight and package size limitations.
This game compares to poker and gin rummy, but online you will notice that people would claim this is more exciting and more addictive. People set up days and times, and if you promote mahjong in your local setup, like cafes and social halls, people will come.

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