Karin A: The Palestinian Authority's Weapon-smuggling Ship


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At the end of 2001, the ship was filled with "civilian" goods, such as clothes, rice and toys. In addition, the ship was filled with weapons that came from Iran and the Hizballah. The ship traveled to Yemen, with the weapons concealed beneath the "civilian" goods.
While on its way to Gaza from Yemen via the Suez Canal, Israeli naval forces, along with intelligence personnel and additional forces boarded and captured the ship. The State of Israel confiscated the weapons and distributed the "civilian" goods to the Palestinians via. UNWRA.
In the decision against three terrorists, it came to light that, the shipment on the Karin A, was only one of four shipments intended for the Palestinian Authority. The shipment which was caught included dozens of Saggar missles, 60, 81, and 120 mm. mortars, Katushya rockets (20 k.m. range) anti-tank missile launchers, hundreds of thousands of various bullets and rifles and anti-tank mines.
If these weapons, and bombs got to the terrorists it would have spread death and destruction for many years to come.

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