Xbox 360 Fast Easy Working Repair Guides!!


Uploaded on November 29, 2009 by rich boii

there it is guys dont let it slip away

Alright guys. well this is for those who want to fix their 360's and for the ones who are out of warranty. these guides will help you fix them. really fast. and then you will know how to fix them. therefore you can start your own business. But this guide helps out on how to
fix 3 Red Lights
2 Red Lights
Error E74
Disc Errors
No Video
and much more. i got this and i just started fixing them like crazy. went on ebay and bought me a couple 360s and fixed them. no this is not a scam or else i wouldnt b showing it to you guys. but for those who say it is dont bother watching the vid for proof Got any Q's? send me a message

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