Adam Lambert Fallout

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You have already voted for this video. more hot videos and updated news In what is probably a huge relief for Jennifer Lopez... more hot videos and updated news In what is probably a huge relief for Jennifer Lopez, the spotlight has remained firmly trained on Adam Lambert following his sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards. During his performance on Sunday, Mr. Lambert, the American Idol finalist, variously thrust his crotch at dancers of different genders, kissed his male keyboardist, extended his middle finger to the camera, and sometimes sang his new song, For Your Entertainment. ABC, which broadcast the awards show, said that it received over 1,500 complaints from viewers, while Mr. Lambert said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the criticism of him reflected a double standard. Female performers have been doing this for years — pushing the envelope about sexuality — and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out, Mr. Lambert said. (In a statement, Dick Clark Productions, which produces the American Music Awards, said, Due to the live nature of the show, we did not expect the impromptu moment in question.) [Update: ABC said that it canceled a performance by Mr. Lambert scheduled for Wednesday on Good Morning America. Later, CBS announced it invited Mr. Lambert to appear on the "Early Show." ] Meanwhile, the routine continues to divide critics as well as ArtsBeat readers, between those who agree that Mr. Lambert has been the victim of a double standard, and those who feel he simply should have given a better performance. At the Web site of Rolling Stone, Rob Sheffield declared that Mr. Lamberts act was one of the most awesomely outrageous rock & roll moments to show up on prime-time network TV lately. Mr. Sheffield wrote: We didnt get to hear much of his vocal exuberance — but given the technical glitches that riddled the whole show, there was no way Adam was going to get his high notes heard in the detail they deserve. So he was smart to go for spectacle rather than subtlety on an occasion like this. And when he took an apparently unplanned tumble halfway through the performance, he just kept moving without missing a note, like the trooper he is. But in a video post for, Bill Werde said that Mr. Lamberts routine was like Andrew Lloyd Webber coaxing an S&M performance out of Barry Manilow. Mr. Werde added: Lambert is now complaining that ABC edited his performance for west coast airing. Im not sure I disagree with his concerns, but Adam, dont miss the headline here. The people you should care about here arent the ones persecuting you because of your coarse and clumsy display of sexuality. Theyre the ones persecuting you because you showed no ability to pick a song and perform it well. Get thee to the Gaga school of controversial but credible pop entertaining. Heres a sampling of the responses weve received from ArtsBeat commenters reacting to Mr. Lamberts performance: Remember Elvis and his hips?? How everyone freaked out about that? In a few years, people will be wondering what all the fuss was about. I LOVED it and Im a straight, middle-aged Texan with kids. Loosen up and enjoy life, people! — Jan Adam did cross the line at the AMAs. I love Adams voice and I really like him as a person and voted for him to win idol, but he does need to think of his audience. I think that all the running around/falling on stage didnt showcase his voice and that is what a new singing artist needs to do is showcase his voice, not showcase what points he wants to get across. To soon for him to be taking this kind of risk, if ever in my opinion.— jeane Adam wanted his set to be sexy; sorry it was the opposite. Love him, love his voice, but why the same old lame and cliched theatrics? The acrobatic performance detracted from his vocals, which sounded strained and screechy. Aggression is not sexy, its predatory.— sheila Less is definitely more in terms of sexuality. One can shock in lots of ways - but anyone who saw Lambert on Idol (Ring of Fire, Whole Lotta Love) or in concert this summer knows he can convey a sexually-charged atmosphere MUCH better when he leaves a little more to the imagination. The performance at the AMAs last night was just vulgar and to me, at least, a disappointment. Ive defended him all along to the naysayers, but this time I have to admit I dont have a leg to stand on. —McMaam Im more team Kris Allen and would never seek out Adam Lambert music, HOWEVER, he is entirely right that this is 100% hypocrisy. If this was offensive to anyone, how do they feel about the violence which visits our TVs each night and which passes off as prime-time entertainment? I worry more about watching Survivor with my son at 8PM when commercials for CSI bombard us with gruesome and unthinkable murders. Ill take guys kissing over CSI commercials ANY NIGHT.— Chris