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Similia Similibus Curenter means like cures like. Homeopathy is one of the most effective and popular holistic medicine. This healing system was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann of Germany. Homeopathy means healing diseases by the application of the law of similars, i.e. 'like cures like'. This means that the 'symptom picture' - a recognizable and characteristic set of symptoms - of the healing agent (the medicine) has to match the disease 'symptom picture' of the patient.

Nature of Work

Homeopathy is a holistic method of cure that takes into account not just the physical, but also the mental and emotional symptoms. It is a safe, effective and gentle approach to health and provides an alternative to drugs and surgery. Homeopaths treat people based on genetic and personal health history, body type, and current physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. Homeopathy has proved its effectiveness in acute and chronic diseases, from common cold to early stages of cancer, in clinics around the world. It works well both as complimentary treatments to conventional medicine and as frontline (primary) treatment.

Two types of Homeopathy courses are available:-
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