The Top 5 Pound For Pound Most Powerful Animals On Earth

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Published 23 Nov 2010
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The Top 5 Pound For Pound Most Powerful Animals On Earth

Presenting the top 5 pound for pound most powerfu...
The Top 5 Pound For Pound Most Powerful Animals On Earth

Presenting the top 5 pound for pound most powerful animals on earth.


an animal that weighes 140 pounds and 30 inches tall hyenas have a 2000 per square inch pound bite pressure giving it the most powerful bite in the 
animal kingdom.

hyenas in packs often can take down large prey such as wildebeast and zebra and with their bite can kill very quickly. they are often documented to 
intimidate lions and chase them away from their kill

honey badger - The head-and-body length only ranges from 60 to 102 cm. The weight range 
12-15 pounds The badger is amongst the fiercest and fearless hunters in the animal kingdom, their prey includes earthworms, insects, scorpions, 
porcupines, hares, ground squirrels, meerkats, mongeese, and larger prey such as tortoises and even crocodiles up to one metre in size, young gazelle 
and snakes (including pythons and venomous species). They also take lizards, small rodents, birds and fruit.The badger's ferocious reputation reflects its 
tendency to attack animals far larger than itself. Becuase of its fearless and ferocious reputation this animal is seldom persued by predators.

The wolverine - An animal that weighs a mere 40 pounds has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the proven ability
 to kill prey many times its size. It has been known to kill prey as large as moose
Armed with powerful jaws, sharp claws, and a thick hide wolverines may defend kills against larger or more numerous predators.There is at 
least one published account of a 27-pound wolverine's attempt to steal a kill from a black bear which can weigh 500 pounds. 
Wolverines have been known to harass and attempt to intimidate even wolves and cougars

leopard - weighing between 150 - 170 pounds it has been 
documented to kill a bull eland weighing at over a 1000 pounds
and has killed a gorilla 4 times its own weight. Unlike any other animal it uses multiple weopons of its extremely powerful neck muscles, jaws claws, fangs
 stealth and speed and legs
to attack and kill animals far larger than itself. Its most amazing display of pure unidulterted raw power is its trademark of lifting the dead weight of an 
of its prey up trees over 20 feet tall
many times its own weight up a tree.  the mighty leopard pound for pound the strongest most powerful capable hunter in the animal kingdom. 

african crowned eagle - Length is 3137 in, the wingspan is 46 ft and body weight is only 5 lb 9. its legs are extremely powerful and this eagle 
possesses destructive large, strong talons, often used for killing and 
decapitating prey.This is an animal that can not only carry but fly with an animal locked in its talons more than 4 times its own weight.
They have been documented to kill animals that can weight 75 pounds. because of recent documentation of its very small size and ability to lift prey in 
the air by its extremely powerful wings many times its weight.
african crowned eagle is pound for pound most powerful living animal on earth
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