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REAL WEREWOLF FOOTAGE There are a number of cultures which have were-creatures in their mythology, usually involving large, nocturnal predators. Often the were-creature takes the form of the most menacing animal found in the area. India has weretigers, Africa has wereleopards, but the most famous of all are the werewolves of medieval Europe.

The term 'were' is from the Old English word wer meaning man. Thus, werewolves, man-wolves, are half human and half animal. In tribal cultures, the ability of shape-shifting expressed power and mystery but was not always evil; it took that on later when associated with the devil and unmanageable urges. Arcadians believed that some members of their culture had the ability to turn themselves into wolves. If they tasted human flesh during this change, they were banished to live out their lives as a wild beast unless they abstained from eating flesh for a full nine years.

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