Extraterrestrial Contact From Internet

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Hi, İt's Bora Sarac from North Cyprus, As I see this group is working hard and doing well job, thats why I ...
Hi, İt's Bora Sarac from North Cyprus, As I see this group is working hard and doing well job, thats why I need to explain something to you. Also I need your support, We can do some great things with your support. İt was 9 years ago and we didnt have too much communication tools like MSN, and I was using MIRC at the begining of the Milenium. I had too many ambitions to research about Ufo's. One day when I was using MIRC program, I saw a channel and it was named "plesedias". I have heard about that name before, and I was knowing that it was a name about Ufo's. Than immediatly I joined the channel. When I connect to the channel, There were 2 peope and their names were "Ilmuth ve Orthon ". Then suddenly they tryed to send me a file, But I refused to receive it ! I was worring that it could be a virus. But they made me belive that it was not a virus. After that I accepted to receive the file and I download it to my computer. That channel was on the USDALNET (American Server). After I received the file, They said me that; We hope you will understand what it is, and you will send it to the official places that they will understand what are they ! After that, I disconnected from the channel, and I tryed to open the file. I was so wondering what was it. When I unziped the file, I found a lots of picture files in 'jpg' format. When I opened pictures files; I have been shocked! Why? Because I saw a lots of UFO diagrams and texts in a UNKNOWN language. I thought there were in old german language) Also there were some pictures showing different planet, Ufo, Galaxy diagrams.. I immediatly tryed to find that channel to rejoin, but when I retureded, I could not find that Channel! Server message was "there is no any channel named "plesedias" !! Then suddenly I understood that, I talked them in turkish and the answered me in turkish! But I was on an American server! How it could be? I would send samples for your review. Please I wanto hear all humanity comments.