How To Get Free 2000 Nintendo Point Codes For Wii & DSI

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Uploaded on December 15, 2009 by Greatwhyte

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This Video will show you in deatailed steps exactly how to get free wii point codes e-mailed to you. This is not a scam or code generator, you will not be asked for any money and except for a valid e-mail address when you sign up you can use fake info for everything

First of all make a new email account to use on this website so you don't have to use your real one. I like using hotmail but you can use whatever you want.

The Link To The Website:

This website that I'm am promoting here is a GPT (Get-Paid-Too) website. This means that the website will pay you to do a service for them in this case, filling out third party surveys and/or signing up on third party websites (offers). These offers then pay the website you signed up to, then they in turn pay you a cut of what they make in the form of points which you can use to get Wii points or other items.

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