A Few Last Words with George Carlin and Tony Hendra: Satire

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Never before heard conversations between the late, great George Carlin and his friend and co-author, Tony Hendra.

George Carlin: I began to see in my files there was like Well lets just kill everybody. And now I see oh, oh, I said heres the real art cause I honestly dont think it would be a good idea to kill everybody but, but at the same time I honestly think thats a pretty good idea to let loose, and to say, and if I can give a lot of semi, quasi, pseudo reasons and, uh, methods for getting rid of everybody in the world, except for what I call a nice workable 200,000, and Im not even sure I can find that many, I said I think weve got a chance. Is that satire, by the way Tony, cause you have a definition of satire and I dont really know what satire is and I know its misused all the time

Tony Hendra: I think satire is when you take on the coloration of someone else.

GC: Yes, yes, right.

TH: When did you do that bit?

GC: I havent gotten to it yet, awww, this is building in the fall and looking great, naw its going to be wonderful.

TH: But in a sense, it seems to me, that may be a very delayed reaction to what after all was Reagans basic philosophy, which is that we all may have to die in order to save his way of life. So in a sense youre taking on the oppositions basic theory which is, we may all die.

GC: Yeah, well that is what Im doing in this, what Im espousing here is, yes—

TH: Utter violence, ultra ultra violence. I mean I think thats satire.

GC: Thats what the killing people will do. I said this is getting out of hand, too many people. You know what I said, I said, I dont think you solve problems by electing different leaders, nor do I think you sit around in a circle and sing songs. So I dont think another Farm Aid is gonna do anything. I think widespread bloodshed, it has been shown in the past, it works. Change, we need change.

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