Tips On Building A Quality Social Network Following

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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are three of the top social networking sites. Building your social network f...
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are three of the top social networking sites. Building your social network following in these sites is critical in your social networking success. Lets examine each of these social networking sites and some tips on how to build a quality social network following. Facebook is the most popular of the top social networking sites, and now has over 350 million active users, and growing rapidly each day. It is very important to have a Facebook Strategy, and build a quality facebook following of friends. Twitter is a super popular and rapidly growing social networking site that allows users to post and follow updates called tweets. Tweets are the way twitter users communicate with each other, and are limited to 140 characters. Twitter Users are called followers and you can both follow other twitter users and build your own following. Twitter Users can also communicate via direct messages to other twitter users, to allow for private communications. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and allows you to upload and share videos. YouTube is a free service that lets you connect via video to your audience. Video is very powerful and an important part of the social media marketing mix. What is a Social Network Following? A social network following is called different names in different sites, in Facebook it is a friend, twitter is a follower, and in YouTube it is a subscriber, they all make up your online community in a particular social networking site. Tips to build your social network in these sites? • First and most important is that it is not about the quantity of your social network, it is about the quality of your social network following. • Having a complete and focus profile is critical as it helps define what is a quality connection. • Putting together a plan of action will help focus on your target audience. • Start by adding friends, co-workers, business contacts, etc. to your following. If any of your contacts know someone you would like to meet, ask them for a referral to this contact. • Remember it is very important that you give value and education to your following; also be available to help people in your following. People become eager to help their social networking buddies who offer help. • Joining relevant social networking groups and social networking fan pages are excellent ways of growing your social network following. Make sure to be active in these groups by adding post, links articles, etc. Remember when reaching out to someone you do not know, it is important to write a personal note outlining why you want to connect. Some reasons are particular interest in a group or fan page, knowing mutual contacts, etc. • Make sure to stay educated as to new ways to add quality contacts to your social network following. • Feel free to reach out or connect to me if you have any questions.