Brandon Todd Dunk Testimonial

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Uploaded on September 19, 2008 by Flight-Right

This is Brandon Todd displaying his amazing vertical leaping abilities. Brandon stands only 5'5 and can dunk with the big boys despite his height disadvantage. He has undergone numerous vertical jump programs out there on the market and after years of training and researching he has learned what works and what doesn't work. Brandon has tried nearly every vertical jump programs out there on the market. (There are hundreds of jump programs out there) In doing so, Brandon has developed a new training system/philosophy that he thinks will help athletes maximize their athletic code and take their performance to new levels. His newly developed system will drastically change the way you look, the way you feel, and most importantly help improve your athletic performance tremendously. What ever sport you play whether its basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, or soccer.. anything that involves jumping and endurance, this program will help improve your game drastically especially in the areas of strength, speed, endurance, and most of all, jumping. Looking to make that varsity team and want to wow the coaches? Who would you rather take jumping advice from, a guy that's 6'6 or a little dude that's 5'5 that can jump through the roof? You decide. The new Flight-Right program will be available soon.

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