I'M A CUB SCOUT by Evola Feat. Donny Bedtime Remix

By: evola

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Uploaded on December 21, 2009 by evola


time will tell a story true i pick pocket your carny crew
i land dolphin eco locate
i serve them shatner without plate
u tryin to dis callin me queer as you puppet i puppeteer
too many pixels to even fit how much gig does your band bite or get

have you been to myspace flight simulator
nano robots bite like aligator
im like a safe deposit box in a swiss bank lets get busy think tank
clean a plate for goodness sakes
like cows set out to graze guineapigs for the first phase
the longest war in the usa is the war on drugs not a game to play its rigged from the get everykind you get its a matter of time while they're cleaning dirty money makin it legit
the belly of the beast says yummy quite while your ahead its a bitter pill to swallow
inside my head its not hollow the only reason i got your attention is cuz its as real as fuck while you think its paranoid that the cops have their eyes on us
now admit we don't always have are facts straight i tug boat alot of weight

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